Z06 WEAPON7 Rocker Blades Side Skirts


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The 2015+ Corvette Z06 is notably one of the best cars GM has ever rolled out of Bowling Green!  Additionally, along with the wider body and styling and functional new front grill, their newfound use of carbon fiber and aero kits have fueled the market fire!  Unfortunately, their production can't keep up with the demand and a lot of new owners were having to settle for basic aero packages to get their cars anytime soon.  

The weaponX aero kit has been a success since it as unveiled at the National Corvette Museum where Tadge Juchter himself voted our car the car show winner and commented he liked the carbon fiber!  The WEAPON7 rocker blades add both form and function while not only adding aero stability to your Z06, but also unlike the OEM pieces flare out along the rear quarter panels to protect the paint and give a wider look!  This is especially important with the Z06 sticky wide tires.  These use all of the OEM hardware and include 2 sided tape as well to secure to the underside of the vehicle with no drilling required!  The OEM splash guards will work with these as well.

Our products are made in the USA and we use a GM exposed carbon roof matching standard American carbon fiber weave  It not only looks fantastic, but also channels air on your 2015+ C7 Z06 and along with our splitter and diffuser completes the already unmistakable Z06's exotic look.

Available in carbon fiber or fiberglass with painted option.

Lead time can be up to 10-15 business days for composite and/or painted composite and estimated 30 business days for carbon fiber to depending upon inventory.