C7 Z06 Halltech Intake Stinger


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Looking for a cold air intake from a well known manufacturer synonymous for quality and performance?  Take a closer look at what Halltech is up to for the C7 Z06.  Heat soak will be a thing of the past with our technology. Helps IATs remain in partity with ambient air. 


Halltech C7 Corvette Stingray Stinger rotomold with Kevlar® and Nomex® heat shielding.  Engine dyno proven to add 40bhp/40lb-ft to your stock C7 Z06. Halltech's C7 Stinger™ Ambient Air Induction System, is the first intake to show credible dyno numbers,tuning is optional, but not required with our intakes.


Halltech's 2015 Corvette C7 Z06 Stinger-RZ will bring your Z06 power you will not believe until you drive it. Dyno tests have shown between 38 and 52 RWHP with no tuning. Two recent dynos at A&A Corvette (91 Octane-A8s) reported 44 RWHP/41 lb-ft and 50 RWHP and 43 lb-ft with the stock ECM parameters, i.e. no tuning. Halltech's Synthetic Dry Filter is making more power than our high flow (+5 RWHP) in recent testing, and is installed on all orders. Our Nomex Sleeve heat shielding is optional for $45.00 (product code Nomex). Just in: Halltech's Stinger-RZ runs a 10.77 @ 130 mph! Our customer previously ran an 11.16 @ 122 mph showroom stock. The DA was 2400' at both races. This true cold air induction system makes the power by reducing parasitic losses due to the stock restrictive filter, runs .88 Lambda on the dyno for best safe power, and increases boost by 1 PSI.



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