weaponX C7 Camshaft - "GAME OVER" stage 3 series


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The 2014+ C7 Corvette Stingray out of the box has some very high flowing heads with approximately 295 cfm and the AFM kit keeps the environment conscious happy; however for some of us, this is just isn't enough..  We need more flow, a more aggressive cam, and want to see over 575+ naturally aspirated rear wheel HP!  Stage 1, meh....  stage 2, meeehhhhh...  AH so you're a stage 3 guy huh?  We have just the solutions for you and if you like a little more aggressive, yet streetable cam on the stock converter this is for YOU!  Now, you just have to decide how bad do you want it?  

The wXm LT1 Game Over cam is still a street car cam and doesn't require an aftermarket converter... it's the most aggressive choppy cam offered that has two goals in mind, streetability and maximum performance.  You won't be hiding anything with this cam, but your presence will be noted in the record books if you're a true driver!Are you doing stock heads, our 350s, or the massive 395CFM flowing heads by .700 lift!  

Stage 3A - Aggressive upgrade with AFM delete for stock heads
Stage 3B - Aggressive upgrade with AFM delete for ported weaponX LT1-350 heads (see ported heads for more info)
Stage 3C - Aggressive upgrade with AFM delete for HIGH FLOW ported weaponX LT1-395 ported heads (see ported heads for more info)


All cams include COMP® Phaser Limiter Kit (Part #5456), which limits the range of camshaft movement from 62 to 22 crank degrees thus requiring PCM tuning.


Increase TQ & HP Throughout RPM Range with XFI™ AFM Cams for GM Gen V

Revolutionary GM Gen V Camshafts from COMP Cams® are designed to work with the direct injection, VVT (Variable Valve Timing) and AFM (Active Fuel Management) lifters featured in GM’s Gen V (LT1/L83/L86) V8 engine. This means that these XFI™ series hydraulic roller cams allow users to leverage the OE technology for performance gains. Gen V Cams feature four different lobe profiles to both create AFM compatibility and optimize intake and exhaust valve opening/closing events. COMP Cams® GM Gen V Camshafts increase torque and horsepower throughout the entire RPM range, while providing excellent responsiveness and mid-range power over stock for across-the-board gains.

These cams should have our hardened pushrods and must have the weaponX double springs with titanium retainers.  COMP Cams® GM Gen V Camshafts are available for stock to highly modified applications.