weaponX 3.4L Twin Screw PD Supercharger


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As the thirst for more power rages, eventually the you'll reach the limits of your 2009+ CTS V or ZL1 Camaro.  Search no further, your supercharger upgrade is here!  A mammoth 3.4L twin screw supercharger system that will put roughly 900HP in your grasp!

Complete System Included Components and Features

  • Lysholm twin-screw supercharger with 10-rib drive pulley, integrated bypass valve and actuator. The twin-screw design provides maximum low-end torque as well as far greater efficiency and horsepower gains compared to the traditional (as well as newer) roots-type blowers. Manifold boost pressure with 4.00” supplied upper pulley  and 10" lower pulley pushes 19 PSI on a 427 CI engine.  
    • Cast aluminum lower manifold with ports that match OEM size, location and shape
    • Correct fuel injector location for proper atomization
    • OEM port seal design at cylinder head and throttle interfaces
    • Integrated air bypass valve assembly and actuator
  • Supercharger drive assembly includes black anodized billet aluminum tensioner plate, idler, drive belt and all necessary hardware.
  • Fuel system upgrade features:
    • High flow replacement fuel injectors (option 2)
    • Extruded aluminum replacement fuel rails with -6 AN fuel fittings and braided SS crossover hose
  • Closed-loop air/water charge cooler system. Charge cooler assembly includes:
    • Integrated dual-pass welded aluminum charge cooler core
  • Air inlet assembly includes:
    • Billet aluminum MAF housing with black anodize coating
    • Cast aluminum supercharger air inlet manifold mates to supercharger with 102 or 108mm Throttle Body options
    • Properly re-located IAT, MAP, and MAF sensors
    • Silicone sleeves and stainless steel clamps
  • Black anodized aluminum coil cover 
  • High-flow bypass valve provides for increased compressor efficiency and temperature control.
  • Optional 5" mandrel-bent aluminum air inlet assembly with high-flow reusable air filter will be available as an upgrade for high-performance racing and off-road applications.
  • Complete bolt-on system includes replacement MAF housing, all necessary belts, pulleys and fasteners.

Supercharger system installation time is rated at 9-12 hours

This system is compatible only with “821” and “823” (rectangular port) cylinder head castings.

Currently Not Smog Legal in California

These systems have not yet been granted an exemption by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). Currently these systems are not smog legal in California, except for racing vehicles which may never be used upon a highway (Off-road use only). 50-State Emissions certification is planned for complete systems. Tuner kits are not eligible for CARB exemption.