Weapon X3: "Camtastic" Package (Stage 3)


$ 2,599.00

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If you're perusing this package, you're out for a little more than just your average intake/exhaust and a tune.  You want some rump-rump-rump from that 2014+ C7 Corvette Stingray!  The AFM can stay with our stage 1 cams, but is deleted with our stage 2, 3, and 4.  

This package is good for 50-80 HP increase and addresses a high performance motor's basic needs: air flow in, tuning, and air flow out!

The weapon X3 package option 1 includes:
  1. Halltech Intake - replaces the factory air box with an open style air filter that will still block off the engine bay heat. 
  2. weaponX ported 87mm throttlebody - better air flowing into the manifold.  ($150 Core Charge refunded upon return of yours unless you wish to keep both).
  3. Stage 1 or 2 cam kit - Stage 1 kit retains the factory AFM, Stage 2 omits it; however, VVT is kept with both.  Kit also includes billet timing chain, hardened pushrods, .660 lift double springs, titanium locks, and retainers.
  4. ATI Balancer - replaces heavy factory balancer.
  5. Catch can  - goes in-line with the stock PCV system to keep oil from being ingested in the motor.  Direct injection is much more prone to power robbing oily residue build up due to the positioning of the fuel injectors.  Keep your motor running at optimal potential.  
  6. Instructions for installation on all parts for your shop or you DIY guys.
  7. weaponX t shirt
The weapon X3 package option 2 includes:
  1. Includes all of option 1
  2. American Racing Headers with cats - 1-7/8" primaries and 3" x pipe to connect to factory exhaust.
The weapon X3 package option 3 (for non active exhaust cars) includes:
  1. Includes all of option 1.
  2. Billy Boat PRT Mufflers - 3" axle back exhaust for non-active exhaust cars to allow less restricted air flow and a more aggressive sound.

Concerns about your warranty? Add on a stock LT1 PCM to load up the operating system and tune the spare to keep your original PCM unaltered!