WEAPON-X Z06 OEM Blower - Cam Kit (complete) Stage 1-4

WEAPON-X Motorsports

$ 1,999.00

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Looking to make the engine more efficient in your 2015+ C7 Z06 Corvette?  Are you ready to push that motor and make more power?  Then step into one of these complete cam kits for your next upgrade!  

Kit includes:  Cam with +32% fuel lobe, cam phaser, timing chain, .660 lift dual spring kit, pushrods, AFM delete kit, Johnson lifters, ARP stud kit, Fuel Pump studs, LT head gaskets, exhaust gaskets, etc
  • Stage 1 - The wXm LT4 Street Star cam adds a more aggressive profile at wide open throttle while maintaining the stock sounding driveability.  This cam is ideal for the weekend racer that wants to keep a low profile during the week.  

  • Stage 2 - The wXm LT4 Trap Star cam is a little more aggressive cam that will get rid of the AFM and have a little lope, but when running WOT, it transforms that C7 into a complete beast! 
  • Stage 3 - The wXm LT4 Game Over cam is still a street car cam and doesn't require an aftermarket converter... it's the most aggressive choppy cam offered that has two goals in mind, streetability and maximum performance.  You won't be hiding anything with this cam, but your presence will be noted in the record books if you're a true driver!

  • Stage 4 - The wXm LT4 Armageddon cam is the mother of all badass camshafts for the C7.  This was spec'ed to be in a larger cubic 4.125 inch motor and our big valve heads.

Chromoly One Piece Pushrods for LT - These one piece precision formed pushrods are constructed from SAE 4130 chromoly tubing, centerless ground to exacting tolerances, and case hardened to Rc 60.  Beware of competitors who say their pushrods are made from the same 4130 material, because some are not.     

Wall Thickness:.080"

.660" Lift Dual Spring Kit for LT engines using stock rocker arms.