weaponX LT1X-405 cfm - HIGH FLOW Cylinder Heads


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The 2014+ C7 Corvette Stingray out of the box has some very high flowing heads with approximately 295 cfm.  For some of us, this is just isn't enough.  We need more flow, a more aggressive cam, and want to see over 550 naturally aspirated rear wheel HP!  

Here's what we do!  Fully CNC ported intake and exhaust ports, custom titanium intake and stainless exhaust valves, valve job, custom full radius exhaust valve job, intake and exhaust bowl blending, optional milling for increased compression ratio.



Stock Specs:
Intake port volume: 295 cc (peak stock flow 309 cfm)
Exhaust port volume: 106 cc (peak stock flow 194 cfm)
Stock Combustion Chamber Size: 60 cc
Stock intake valve size: 2.125" 96.2 grams (hollow stem)
Stock exhaust valve size: 1.590" 73.5 grams 

Here are some teaser specs of the new Stage 2 CNC porting option:
Intake port volume: 310+cc
Exhaust port volume: 105+cc
Picked up 80 cfm by .600 lift!  

5 axis CNC machined
Fully assembled
Titanium valves with valve job
Double springs, titanium retainers, locks, seals

Note: There is a $900 core charge that will be added, refundable once your heads are received and inspected for all