PUR LX22.V3 Multi-Piece wheels

PUR Wheels

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Feature of the week goes to this Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano. For this V12-powered, Italian GT Supercar, we have engineered a set of our 20"/21" PUR LX22.V3 Multi-Piece wheels. The wheels measure out to a 20x9.5" Front, 21x12.5" Rear, and they are finished in Matte Black center, with Chrome Bronze lip. The V3 configuration utilizes step lip outer barrel, as well as elevated spoke design.

Like all PUR wheel designs, these are made to order, and can be engineered to fit most car models, with any finishes you prefer.

We're a master dealer for PUR so you'll always get the best price going through WXM!  We also offer payment options.

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