LS2 (LS7) 90mm Throttle Body (ported)


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These are the silver blade and open up the opposite direction of the newer LS7 and have been noted to tune better by some tuners.  

Option 1 - Stock 90mm LS2 throttle body to be used solo or as a core for the  TPiS 102mm throttle body found on here as well

Option 2 - Ported 90mm LS2 throttle body (details below)

Option 3 - Powder coated or polished exterior

The 87mm LSA throttle body leaves a lot to be desired.  Our LS2 Throttle Bodies are the highest flowing, factory ported housings available on the market!  We spend our attention on ultimate flow, unmatched dependability, and after-sale service.  We have tested our throttle bodies on our in-house flow bench.  We know what works!  A mirror finish on the inside actually makes the air skip across the surface and creates flow turbulence, resulting in LESS flow!

Gains of 10+ RWHP are typical! Throttle response is also improved drastically.  We routinely see up to .2 reduction in ET in the 1/4 mile even on STOCK cars!  This is one of the best low-cost mods you can make to your late model car.
Modifications include:
Housing Ported for Ultimate Flow  
Media Blasted or Cleaned for a New Appearance 
Taper Bore Entry
Removes Protruding Lips in the Bore
Polished Blade
Precisely Assembled for perfect operation