Halltech Intake Stinger


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Looking for a cold air intake from a well known manufacturer synonymous for quality and performance?  Take a closer look at what Halltech is up to for the C7.  Heat soak will be a thing of the past with our technology. Helps IATs remain in partity with ambient air. 


Halltech C7 Corvette Stingray StingerCKN™ Rotomold Induction with Kevlar® and Nomex® heat shielding.  Engine dyno proven to add 13bhp/10lb-ft to your stock C7 Stingray. Halltech's C7 Stinger™ Ambient Air Induction System, is the first intake to show credible dyno numbers,tuning is optional, but not required with our intakes.


Engine STP Dyno Results:

C2-10133 Baseline: 487hp/478tq
C2-10138 Halltech Stinger™ (no tuning): 500hp/486tq
C2-10150 Halltech & Headers: 510hp/505tq
C2-10184 Halltech Stinger™; Headers, Cam: 555hp/492tq 



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