Callies Crankshaft - Magnum


$ 1,999.00$ 1,749.00

Innovative New Design

Your request for a lightweight yet durable crankshaft for the powerful big block Chevy engine has been answered. Callies’ design team has optimized material distribution throughout this crankshaft to produce a component that is strong yet easy to balance.

Many BBC crankshafts are counterweighted to offset simple balance forces detected at main bearings 1 and 5 by today’s precision balancers. Callies Magnum Mass Correct counterweights have been strategically placed to reduce imbalance forces over the entire length of the shaft. The result is a crankshaft that exhibits superior bearing life and minimal wear.

Material distribution over the rod journal arms and critical strength generating regions of Magnum BBC crankshafts has been enhanced as well. These slight design changes improve the strength to weight ratio ensuring each Magnum crank will have an extended fatigue-resistant life.

Our Dual Arc leading edges create a unique counterweight that is beneficial in the reduction of disruptive crankcase windage. This profile characteristic is of greatest value in high RPM, large displacement engines.

A typical 4.500 stroke BBC shaft will have a finished weight of 69 lbs. All rod journals are drilled with generously radiused lightening holes. Each counterweight features Callies’ (Dual Arc) windage reducing leading edge.