C7 Z06 Corvette Customer Review

Let me just say that Ben, Blake, and all the crew at WXM did an incredible job on the car! Not only were they very responsive to my texts, emails, and calls... but they were just plain cool as ****! (can I say that here?) When I first reached out to Ben and told him my goals and that I wanted him to treat it as if it were his own as to what we should/shouldn't do, he didn't just start throwing any and everything at me to make a dollar. His suggestions came with sound reasoning and I felt completely at ease by the end of the convo with giving him my CC and getting things on order. I must admit, there was some hesitation in leaving a $XXXK car with only 800 miles on it with some gear heads I've never met. But upon arrival and seeing their shop and meeting Blake, it was like leaving the kid at the grandparents for the weekend...no worries!  

There isn't a time that I get in it and take it down the road that it doesn't grab attention. The car itself does a great job of turning heads, but that Akro sound just makes them turn even faster!

I would HIGHLY recommend WXM for not only their expertise in automotive, but their fun laid back style and customer service. I even paid them to do my free 500 mile oil change while they had it because I never wanted to write one of those "Guess what the dealer did to my Z06" subject lines on here!  

Here's the first time I heard it in person....I had to clean up before I could get in it to drive it home. https://www.instagram.com/p/BFr_Wqgu...n-by=faaastz06

Pics and other vids on my public instagram  https://www.instagram.com/faaastz06/

Tony Crouch (2016 Corvette Z06)


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