2016 Corvette Z06 (C7) putting down 708 whp & 709 ft lbs! Running 10.1 @ 142mph!

Some of you may remember Tony C who came to us a few months ago with his 2016 Z06 to install a Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust System, 160 degree Thermostat, DeWitts Gen2 Radiator, WXM Track Attack Heat Exchanger, WXM Heat Exchanger Expansion Tank (2.0 Gal), Halltech Stinger Intake w/ Nomex Sleeve, Elite Catch Can and Air Separator, WXM 6mm Wheel Spacers, WXM Blackout Kit, and a WXM Rear Diffuser.

It would seem as though the modification bug bit him pretty hard, because this time around things are getting serious.  We took the power of this already stout LT4 Z06 to a higher level via a set of WXM ported LT4 heads, WXM custom grind cam, AR headers, and IW 18% OD Balancer.

Firing up the cammed LT4 will let any lucky onlookers know that the boss is here for business.  It doesn't get much better than the lopey idle of this combination of parts.  After tuning using HP Tuners, the Z06 proceeded to lay down 708rwhp and 709lbft of torque.  A "boost in power" is an understatement, as the car previously made 574rwhp and 549lbft of torque.

On the street, this car underwent a serious personality change, but only really when your right foot commands it.  Drivability is still excellent, throttle response smooth, and the noise is intoxicating.  Check out the video showcasing this build on our up above.


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